Romance In ‘Captain America: Civil War’: Who’s Linked To Who?

Romance In ‘Captain America: Civil War’: Who’s Linked To Who?
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“Captain America: Civil War” may be a superhero movie, but whoever said superhero movies can’t have a spark of romance in their plots? In fact, Elizabeth Olsen, the actress who plays Scarlet Witch in the franchise, hinted that her character and Vision may do fall in love in the upcoming movie.


During an interview, Elizabeth Olsen was asked about her character, Scarlet Witch, and the character’s role in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” movie. She stated, “I think there’s something unique in the fact that her powers come from the same thing that powers him [Vision], and that is how we made them have that kind of, that specifically in common – as opposed to it being something else that the comics kind of created – just being pure romance. But they do have something uniquely special, because of that,” reports Cinema Blend.

Judging from the Marvel Comics franchise, Scarlet Witch and Vision got married, and the sorceress also got pregnant. The pregnancy, in the comics, paved way for the “House of M” storyline.

According to “Captain America: Civil War” screenwriter, Christopher Markus, the characters would definitely portray a deeper relationship towards each other. In fact, he said, “For the same reason Steve [Rogers] and Sharon [Carter] can’t go to the movies five times I the movie. It’s all sort of, ‘These things are getting really weird.’ So there’s fun toy to play with there.”

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From that statement, it would seem that not only will Scarlet Witch and Vision embody the romance in the franchise, Captain America and Agent Carter will also be getting intimate, or, at least, gooey towards each other.

In other news, Markus and Stephen McFeely also clarified that the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” installment will be more different than what was portrayed in “Avengers,” reports Collider.

In fact, Markus revealed the differences from the upcoming film from that of the “Avengers” installment and said, “I think it’s tone. One, it’s focus, I that there is a story in addition to the Civil War. Civil War is kind of a backdrop to what’s going on, and that is 100% Steve’s story. We kind of set up an area with ‘Winter Soldier,’ where we’re the franchise that kind of takes in the consequences of all the fun superhero destruction ad action.”

He went on and said, “If the Avengers kind of have more of an ‘Iron Man’ feel and everyone comes and plays in Iron Man’s world. We wanted to drag everybody into Cap’s world and make him feel bad for a while.”

Given this, the “Captain America: Civil War” storyline may be more expounded in Cap and Agent Carter’s romance, given that she has chosen his side over Iron Man’s. Furthermore, Movie Plot reports that Scarlet Witch’s powers in the installment would be the one that would make sense of everything that would happen in the upcoming movie; it may mean that her romance with Vision may not be expounded as much.

Catch “Captain America: Civil War” release this May 6, 2016.