Robert Pattinson Ex Kristen Stewart Plans To Marry Alicia Cargile Privately

Robert Pattinson Ex Kristen Stewart Plans To Marry Alicia Cargile Privately
Kristen Stewart PROGage Skidmore / Flickr CC

Kristen Stewart and on-and-off girlfriend Alicia Cargile have been talking about getting married since they reunited. Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend has finally made up her mind. She wants to settle down for good.


According to The BitBag, the actress is worried on how to make the occasion as private as possible. She does not want it to be like a circus for the media’s consumption.

The actress has decided that she is more comfortable with a partner of the same sex. When asked about her preference, she admitted that it is different with a man. She is not comfortable going public. It is something she wants to hide.

Relationship With Cargile More Fulfilling Than Pattinson?

Relationship with the same sex partner was more fulfilling according to the “Café Society” actress. There is no doubt that she is serious with Alicia Cargile. She brought her home to meet her father on Fathers’ Day. She was proud to bring her to the Cannes Festival.

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Lately, they were spotted kissing in Los Feliz, California kissing in public. They were oblivious of the prying eyes of the public and continued to be intimate.

Many were surprised when she brought Alicia Cargile with her to the Cannes Festival opening. That was the time her split with SoKo was being talked in the tabloids. The French actress was reportedly deeply hurt when she broke off with her.

Robert Pattinson was allegedly supportive of her current flame. The actor who broke his engagement with FKA Twigs was no longer interested in a relationship with her.

She was vocal about not wanting another man in her life. As per Hollywood Life, she is happy that she has “come out”. That was clear manifestation that she prefers a woman like her. Kristen Stewart admitted months back that she does not want a label to her sexuality. She just wants to be ambiguous and flexible.

Will Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile’s marriage push through?  

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