Rob Kardashian Diabetes Free: Thanks To Blac Chyna?

Rob Kardashian Diabetes Free: Thanks To Blac Chyna?
Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Instagram
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Rob Kardashian announced that he is now free from diabetes. Is Blac Chyna the reason to his healthier lifestyle?


The reality star, who was dealing with diabetes, said in the latest episode of his reality show “Rob & Chyna” that he is now completely free of diabetes” after undergoing transformation.

The 28-year-old star told Blac Chyna, “I just met with Goglia, the nutritionist, and he just told me all of my numbers and I’m completely free of diabetes.”

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He then added that his being free from diabetes was the “best news” he heard this year, Mirror UK said.

His fiancé Blac Chyna, who is heavily pregnant with their first child, then chimed in, “What about us having a baby?”

Rob Kardashian meanwhile explained that the pregnancy news was “obviously in front of that.”

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“The baby is obviously the best news… that’s of my life,” he said.

Rob Kardashian was diagnosed with diabetes last year after he was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles. His doctors found out that he has diabetic ketoacidosis, a diabetes condition which is caused by high levels of blood acids or ketones.

A report from The Daily Mail, dated December 2015, said that if his diabetes condition will get worse, it might lead to diabetes coma.

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The star has been sent home to rest by doctors according to the report. He was then advised by his doctors and family members to start eating healthy and do exercise to keep his condition under control.

Meanwhile, Rob  Kardashian seemed to be getting serious on his relationship with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna as he wanted to get back in shape. He is also now planning to have their own place before the baby is born.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna then talked about moving in together as they are still living in separate houses in California, a US Weekly report said.

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“I’m gonna prove to her that I’m back on track and she hopefully sees that,” the reality star added.

Catch “Rob & Chyna” at E! on Sundays at 9pm.

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  • Brandi

    Good luck for him. In July of 2015. it was discovered that I got type 2 diabetes, By the end of the July month. I was given a prescription for the Metformin, I stated with the ADA diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140, Without results to how for my hard work. I really panicked and called my doctor. His response?? Deal with it yourself, I started to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research, Then I found Lisa’s great blog (google ” HOW I FREED MYSELF FROM THE DIABETES ” ) .. I read it from cover to cover and I started with the diet and by the next morning. my blood sugar was 100, Since then. I get a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s, My doctor was very surprised at the results that. the next week. he took me off the Metformin drug, I lost 30 pounds in my first month and lost more than 6 inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is that we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods..