Rob Kardashian Breaks Ice With Kylie Jenner, Congratulates Her On Instagram

Rob Kardashian Breaks Ice With Kylie Jenner, Congratulates Her On Instagram
Kylie Jenner La Real noticia / Flickr Public Domain

Rob Kardashian is settling his relationships with his family before getting married to Blac Chyna. He recently congratulated Kylie Jenner through Instagram for her Paper magazine cover appearance.


US Magazine reported that Rob posted a picture of Kylie on Instagram showing her posing with the magazine on her hand. He captioned the photo, “Congratulate sis.”

The tiff between the siblings was evident as while Rob dates Chyna and Kylie dates Tyga. Chyna and Tyga were formerly lovers and they share a three-year-old son, King Cairo. Rob deciding to marry Blac after just three months of romance does not sit well with Kylie.

The news on Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s engagement only broke out a few weeks ago, and it was quite apparent that the family is not pleased. None of them have reacted directly to the engagement news, choosing instead to just ignore it, except for Kim. Kanye West’s wife seemed to have address his engagement in one of the videos Rob shared on Friday night featuring her in a L.A. Dodgers cap and saying, “In honor of Rob’s big day.” Rob was obviously happy and captioned this video with “Sister love.”

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The rest of the family’s reactions however were often speculated by gossip sites. For one, there is a report that says Khloe is worried about Rob being played for a fool by Chyna. People magazine quoted a source who said, “Khloé [Kardashian] and Kylie think Chyna is desperate, thirsty and playing with Rob’s head. They’re also concerned she is after his money and that she is dying to stay relevant and get back at Kylie by being with Rob.”

There were also reports that the family is expecting to earn a lot of money from the wedding. They may even make it as big as Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West.

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