‘The Ring’ 3: ‘Rings’ Trailer 7x The Horror Of ‘Ring 2’ — Watch!

‘The Ring’ 3: ‘Rings’ Trailer 7x The Horror Of ‘Ring 2’ — Watch!
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The Ring, released in 2002, is still considered one of the most terrifying horror movies the Hollywood has delivered. The makers are back with a third sequel with a whole new plot. The sequel titled ‘Rings’ is set to release in theaters on October 28, just in time for Halloween.


While “The Ring” 2 reception was lackluster, people are a bit more excited for “The Ring 3.”

The trailer for the next sequel has been dropped recently and it look like “Rings” is going to further explore into the dark tale that surrounds the long haired creepy ghost that crawls out of TV sets and kills whoever watches the cursed video, but doesn’t make a copy of it, within seven days.

The new trailer shows a young woman risking her life to save her boyfriend from the wrath of Samara, the ghost in the video. While the original movie, which was a remake of a Japanese film, involved a videotape, the sequel shows files of the cursed video being transferred via internet.

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From the trailer, the influence of technology in the movie is apparent, but that’s not all. This time Samara doesn’t only want to pass on the curse but also be reborn through the main character, using her as the host, the Bustle reported.

The trailer also shows a sequence in which a demonic Samara takes on an entire aeroplane and turns it into perils.

The film also has a new cast that includes, Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki and Vincent D’Onofrio. Naomi Watts who starred in the original movie would be not be reprising her role in the sequel, the News.com.au reported.

The film has been directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez who previously directed “Before the Fall,” which premiered at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival. Gutiérrez also co-produced a horror movie titled ‘Demonic.’

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