Rihanna Had Fears Before Giving Blessing For Chris Brown’s Docu, Now Prouder Of Him

Rihanna Had Fears Before Giving Blessing For Chris Brown’s Docu, Now Prouder Of Him
Rihanna n Chris Brown (1) Flair Candy / Flickr CC

While Rihanna initially had some fears that Chris Brown would discuss the night he assaulted her in his upcoming documentary, she eventually gave her blessings and even became prouder of him because of his courage.


According to Hollywood Life, the 26-year-old “With You” singer approached the 28-year-old “Umbrella” artist for her approval of what he was going to share in the anticipated film “Welcome To My Life.”

“Chris told [Rihanna] he was considering doing a documentary and that he would be talking about that nightmare night,” a source revealed. “At first she was surprised he wanted to go public with this.”

The source noted that Rihanna even “cautioned” Chris Brown that he needed to be “mentally and emotionally prepared to go back and relive it.”

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“However, he reassured her that this was something good, something he wanted to do,” the source added. “She supported him, and still supports him.”

With the courage that her ex-beau showed in the documentary, the Barbados-born artist reportedly got “prouder” of him.

“It hasn’t always been easy for [Chris] to express his feelings publicly and she couldn’t be prouder for him with his documentary,” the insider dished. “But at the same time, Rihanna doesn’t want to rehash that dreadful day.”

The source continued to explain that “It’s not something she thinks about and she doesn’t want Chris to either.”

“She’s forgiven him and that’s all that matters,” the source further stated. “Chris is working on himself and trying to be the best man and father he can.”

In a previous report, Hollywood Life reported that the “Love the Way You Lie” singer wished that he was the man he is right now.

“Had Chris been the man he is now eight years ago, Ri would still be with him,” a source hinted about Rihanna and Chris Brown.

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