Rihanna, Drake Grinding On Stage Again, Riri Falling For Him?

Rihanna, Drake Grinding On Stage Again, Riri Falling For Him?
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Rihanna and Drake can’t seem to get off each other… on stage, at least! From the steamy “Work” music video to their scandalous Brit Awards performance up to yesterday’s cameo, these two just couldn’t stop grinding against each other. Could this mean that the two may get romantic soon? Does their on-stage chemistry mean something bigger?


Last Tuesday night, Rihanna was performing at Miami for her “Anti” album tour. When the performance hit 2:00, she introduced her surprise guest, Drake! It wouldn’t be a surprise, though, since she has made him a surprise guest in several occasions. Needless to say, it wasn’t even a surprise that they would be grinding on-stage, either.

As reported by GQ, the pair’s steamy performance during Riri’s Anti World Tour showed that Drake was taking the performance seriously, grinding against Rihanna, who was smiling and laughing at the same time. According to the source, the pair looked adorable, and it may have hinted that they may get romantic. Or will they?

As reported by Rolling Stone, the internet has been going crazy about Riri and Drake’s on-stage performances since the Brit Awards. Furthermore, the single, released last January, also topped music charts, which indicates that the two have something that really works with the audience – the dancing and the singing, of course.

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As reported by Hollywood Life, Rihanna was said to be “falling off the wagon” and might be in-love with Drake already. However, it was also revealed that her friends are concerned if the two would take it to the next level.

Rihanna and Drake may look adorable and sexy grinding against each other, but will the two finally come forward about being romantic? Will Drake fall for Rihanna, or will her friends keep her from liking him too much off-stage?