Rihanna On Beyonce Rivalry: ‘No One Can Do Me!’

Rihanna On Beyonce Rivalry: ‘No One Can Do Me!’
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Pop sensation Rihanna dismissed the story about her feud with fellow artist Beyonce. Rihanna said she is not looking to compete with anyone and that she can only be herself.


Speaking with Vogue magazine, the “Work” singer addressed speculation of her beef with Beyonce. Fans of each camp claimed the pop stars have an unspoken rivalry, but Rihanna now nullified these claims. She said the media has a habit of creating controversies from nothing. “They just get so excited to feast on something that’s negative. Something that’s competitive. Something that’s, you know, a rivalry,” she said.

She said a rivalry is impossible, because it is simply not her style. She said she can only be herself while others will find it hard to imitate her. “That’s just not what I wake up to,” she said, referencing the alleged feud between her and Beyonce. “Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that,” she explained. Now, that’s a bold statement.

Where did these spiteful rumors come from anyway?

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According to Oxygen, it started when Rihanna liked a post on Twitter that praised the Billboard chart position of one of Rihanna’s new songs from her newest “Anti” album, while giving the performance of Beyonce’s new single “Formation” a thumbs down. This simple action led to a barrage of negative comments against RiRi.

One wrote: “After cancelling tour dates, reducing tickets to $10 and selling less than 250k albums WW the LEAST Rihanna can get is a #1 single.” Another commenter said, “The real tragedy is that Rihanna thinks of Beyoncé as a threat and Beyoncé… Well Beyoncé doesn’t think of Rihanna.”

“Anti” is the eighth album of Rihanna. While she did not release any album for the last few years, she had been very busy. She created Westbury Road Entertainment. She also acquired masters of all her previous albums. She also made a promotional deal with Samsung amounting to $25 million.