Ricky Vaughn Detained? Here’s What We Know So Far

Ricky Vaughn Detained? Here’s What We Know So Far
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Several Twitter users are criticizing the micro-blogging site Twitter for suspending the account of a man known as Ricky Vaughn.


While it isn’t his real name, the individual’s Twitter account has become massively popular in recent months. Following the suspension of his account, hashtag #FreeRicky became trending on Twitter.

Vaughn is a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and is widely known in the alt-right community – a movement which was first spoken about by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Ricky Vaughn: Trump Supporter ‘Right-Wing Nativist’

“This is not conservatism as we have known it,” Clinton had said, as reported by the Washington Post in August. “This is not Republicanism as we have know it. These are race-baiting ideas, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas, anti-woman –– all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘Alt-Right.’”

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According to the Daily Beast, Vaughn has described himself as a “right-wing nativist.”

Speaking about his support for Trump, Vaughn said in an interview with Radix that Trump has allowed people like him to raise their voice.

“I feel that Donald Trump has sort of broken a spell, the spell of political correctness that was hanging over everyone’s heads, and I’ve been much more frank with my views in meatspace in the last three months, and it’s very liberating,” Vaughn said.

On Wednesday Vaughn’s account was suspended by Twitter. It hasn’t been made clear whether a particular post caused Twitter to suspend his account. While he has filed an appeal, and is waiting for a response, users are criticizing the micro-blogging site for blocking the account; according to them, it is an act of censoring Trump supporters.

As a result, #FreeRicky started trending.

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Ricky Vaughn: Suspension of Twitter Account

The rules, violating which can lead to suspension of an account, can be read here.

While some users say CEO Jack Dorsey is going out of his way to block users and content he does not agree with, others commended the move, saying it was required to address social media’s issues with abuse and harassment.

Nevertheless, Ricky Vaughn is not the individual’s real name. His picture on Facebook is a black-and-white image of Charlie Sheen from Major League, wearing a red cap bearing “Make America Great Again.”

Speaking about his identity in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, he said, “It was just a good avatar at the time, simple and recognizable. I didn’t expect that the account would become one of the Big Accounts.”

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  • Leon Patton

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    • iconoclast421

      too late. we are already in the re-education camps.

  • MaxxCatt

    Twitter is killing Free Speech except those with a left wing POV.
    All anyone has to do is not view his channel or easily ‘Block’ him so they won’t be offended by his posts.
    Users can block anyone they feel ‘triggered’ by but they want to stifle free speech by suspending accounts.

    Yes, the so called tolerant left isn’t tolerant at all.

    • kirfy

      You misunderstand the word “tolerance”. Tolerance means that no one can stop you from having your beliefs, but it also means that others also have the right to have their beliefs that are different than yours. They then have the right to react to your beliefs the way they want to. Twitter is a private entity that has spelled out on their website rules that it does not allow abusive tweets or behavior. Given that RV is a white supremacist spreading hate speech and inciting hate they probably feel that this constitutes abusive behavior. “Ricky Vaughn” is still free to believe what he wants. However, others are free to exercise their rights and choose not to allow hate to have a platform. Stop trying to misuse the word tolerance to hide and justify your hateful beliefs behind. Tolerance means people are allowed to have their beliefs, as long as you don’t hurt people. As South Park pointed out, tolerance does not mean you have to agree with everyone or like what they are about. I see what you are doing though. Hiding behind this idea of the Paradox of intolerance, that if one is intolerant of intolerance then one becomes intolerant. This is an unnecessary and false argument. Of course the one thing people should be intolerant of is intolerance! You would like to try to make those who stand up for equality and justice for all out to be the intolerant, discriminatory one’s, but the action’s speak for themselves. Don’t be confused America. This is a ruse. The bigots are trying to play wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are not the victims, they are not the tolerant one’s. They are trying to play the victim and make it seem like being a bigot is just one of different acceptable points of view. You aren’t fooling anyone. You bigots aren’t the victim. You are the one’s that get angry and play the victim when people stand up to your bigotry after you have spewed all your vile discriminatory hatred online. You bigots know what you are doing. Don’t be fooled people by this intolerance argument. D*mn right your bigotry will never be allowed to be construed to be an acceptable point of view.

      • MaxxCatt

        Trump supporters are being shadowed banned without spewing hard right language.
        Scott Adam (Dilbert) has been shadow banned.
        Jack and the mods are showing pure bias supporting ‘illary by shadow banning at least 33 of Trumps tweets.
        No wonder Twitter is dropping in value.

  • Admin Cat

    Battle Twitter till Nov 8 then abandon it.