Richie Talks About Experience In ‘The Bachelorette Australia’

Richie Talks About Experience In ‘The Bachelorette Australia’

The inaugural bachelorette of Australia is soon to choose the man of her life on “The Bachelorette Australia.” As the show nears its finale, it’s time to check out what Richie, one of the lucky three to stand till now, has to say about his overall experience.


West Australian Richie Strahan is not only a fan favorite; he is also important to Sam. After the old age date where the duo was aged 50 years, things started to get in his favor. The handsome man has his charm to woo Sam and whenever he is around her, he becomes adorable, too.

The adorable young man has given an interview where he mentioned that he felt he will be going home the first night. When asked about his first impression he said, “Getting out of that limo, my chest was absolutely pounding. Walking across that tennis court area, there’s Sam in a beautiful red dress looking absolutely amazing . . . You can’t help and gulp and think, ‘Gosh, here we go.'”

Richie was asked why he joined the show. His simple answer: “Network Ten and Shine Australia called me up about doing so, and I thought it’d be a good experience. To be able to have that opportunity to meet Sam and win her affection, I thought would be a really nice thing to do.”

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When asked when his feelings, he told, “Definitely after that growing old date! [Laughs] How did you find that?”

He was also asked how he felt about the kiss. Richie mentioned, “Yeah, it was awesome. When Sam kissed me, I had so many things running through my mind and I just thought, ‘This chick’s certainly special.'”

Richie is having a great time in “The Bachelorette Australia.” We are also having our share of a great time, for sure. Check out how things turn out for him on the last two episodes of the show to be shown today and tomorrow.