Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date, Gameplay, Features: Know More About the Upcoming PS4, Xbox One, PC Game

Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date, Gameplay, Features: Know More About the Upcoming PS4, Xbox One, PC Game
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Bioware has disappointed its fanbase since 2012, teasing the arrival of Mass Effect Andromeda for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. More frustrations grew among the gaming community at E3 2016 after the company opted to release behind the scenes trailer instead of giving details on gameplay.


While it may seem as an ignorant move by EA and Bioware, it looks like Mass Effect Andromeda is at the end process of development. According to IGN’s analysis of the video revealed at E3, it shows details of new planets, jungle terrains, barren and characters.

We got a glimpse at the aliens in the new world, a huge map for users to explore and closing with what looked like Ryder, our player character waking up in a spaceship and whispering “we made it.”

Early rumors before E3 suggested Mass Effect Andromeda’s story line to start off as humanity travels through time and space on a mission to reach a place that’s 2.5 million light years away from the Milky way, the Andromeda Galaxy.

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This unconfirmed leak got one step closer to being the truth, thanks to an interview with Bioware’s creative director Mac Walter and general manager Aaryn Flynn by Glixel via Gaming Bolt.

Flynn said, “This idea of “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – phrases like that and “we made it” are all meant to touch on a connection we have, Sure, one person is at Andromeda, but humanity really achieved something when she woke up there. We’re all there with her in some sense, and yet she’s intensely alone in that one shot in the trailer. What does it all mean, and what does it all tell us about our humanity, I think those are themes that are fantastic to explore, especially in interactive entertainment.”

Over the years we have been teased with concept art images, in-development pictures, developers working extensively on the game etc. But, judging Bioware and EA’s move, we can expect a gameplay trailer soon by this year’s end.

Mass Effect Andromeda was previously confirmed to release in 2016 holiday season. However, new update has  revealed it would be arriving during 2017’s Q1.

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