Retired Yankee’s Shortstop Derek Jeter Receives ESPY Icon Award; No Plan Of Managing Or Coaching

Retired Yankee’s Shortstop Derek Jeter Receives ESPY Icon Award; No Plan Of Managing Or Coaching
Derek Jeter Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Yankee’s former team captain and retired shortstop Derek Jeter was given the ESPYs Icon Award on Wednesday night for his two-decade long career in professional baseball.


In his professional career, Jeter won five World Series and played in 2,747 games with batting averaging of .310 and 3,465 hits. Presenting Jeter’s award was actor Ben Affleck.

Jeter briefly thanked fellow athletes in all sports and fans.

“I’ve had a special relationship with the fans and my teammates over the last 20 years, but in retirement, I’ve come to realize that being a part of the larger community of sports is a gift, and more importantly, it’s an honor,” Jeter began his speech.

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“When you are playing, you have the fans and your teammates, they root for you. You have your opponents, your rivals, they motivate you. But for me, it was always the fellow athletes from all different sports who inspired me,” he said, concluding his speech.

On February 12, 2014, Jeter posted on his Facebook account that 2014 would be his final season. He was honored with gifts by opposing teams, including donations to Turn 2 Foundation, the retired shortstop’s charity organization.

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Before ESPYs began, Jeter chatted with Hannah Storm and shared his post-retirement life. “Honestly, I haven’t missed it much,” Jeter said as quoted by NY Daily. “I miss my teammates, the fans, obviously. But the schedule I don’t miss too much,” he quipped.

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He also added he “needed to stay away” from baseball and hence, he does not watch the game. He even brushed aside the idea of managing or coaching a team. Jeter also disclosed he hosted a barbecue party to celebrate July 4.

“These are things that I’m looking forward to and I’m enjoying — things that I never really knew I missed,” said Jeter.

You can watch Derek Jeter receive his award.

Credits: YouTube/ CelebNews15