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Retired NFL Player Opens Gym For People With Disabilities

Retired NFL Player Opens Gym For People With Disabilities
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Retired NFL Player Opens Gym For People With Disabilities

Having a disability is not the end of the line. In fact, one can live a better life despite physical injuries and disabilities.

In a special feature by Upworthy, in partnership with Starbucks, retired NFL linebacker David Vobora shared his special project – a gym for the disabled.

Vobora’s short-lived NFL career ended up after a serious shoulder injury in 2011. He developed an addiction to painkillers and decided to undergo rehabilitation. After rehab and an intense detox, he went to football training but could not bring himself back in the field. He was scared of football.

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Training Gym For People With Disabilities

He moved to Dallas with his family and set up his own training facility, the Performance Vaults. But things made a different turn when he met retired Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills.

Mills is a war veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. But he was injured by an IED on patrol in Afghanistan. He lost his arms and legs.

Vobora invited Mills to train. The two worked out tediously. Later on, Mills was progressing well but they realized that there were not enough facilities to support their training. That’s when Vobora thought of setting up a gym for people with disabilities, whether they are athletes, veterans or civilians.

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“They’ve sort of been sidelined. They fall into the rehabilitation process, but eventually insurance ran out, cash ran out, and where do they go, right? Where do they go to be apart of a collective group that has this community and this ability to push each other?”, Vobora related.

Adaptive Training Foundation, a non-profit organization, aimed to provide the needed community and peer support for people with disabilities to strive and rise above their limitations.

Vobora and his team have worked together to help people with disabilities reach for their dream and improve their physical abilities.

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