Research Proves Ground Beef Contains Dangerous Bacteria

Research Proves Ground Beef Contains Dangerous Bacteria
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Ground beef and other beef products are closely linked with the food habits of Americans. A recent research from Consumer Reports has found exactly how risky it can be to consume ground beef when it is undercooked.


While most of the raw meat contains some amount of bacteria, ground beef is found to contain some that can cause food-borne illness. So if you are consuming beef cooked at a lesser temperature than 160 degrees Fahrenheit, you may be at risk.

To conduct the experiment on ground beef, the researchers purchased 300 packets of ground beef amounting to 458 pounds. These were purchased from 26 cities. The conventional beef where the cows are fattened with grain and soy meals that also prevent diseases were purchased. This also include sustainable beefs where the cows are grown in an organic manner.

Consumer Reports’ executive director for food safety and sustainability Urvashi Rangan told CBS This Morning, “We looked for five different bacteria associated with food-borne illness and also associated with extra intestinal infections.” They also checked for antibiotic effect on the bacteria.

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Fecal contamination, which can cause blood and urinary infection, was noted in all the packages which. C. perfringens which causes food poisoning in 1 million American every year was found in 20 percent of the packages.

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Urvasi mentioned, “When it came to staphylococcus aureus, we actually saw 55 percent on the conventional samples, and only about 27 percent on the sustainable samples,” adding, “About 10 percent of the staphylococcus we found did have the toxin gene associated with foodborne illness.”

“Any raw meat product you’re going to pick up, no matter what, you should expect that it’s going to have some bacteria,” she said. “The question here is, ‘Can we make it safer? Can it be better?’ We know that it causes a lot of illnesses every year, not just from eating but cross-contamination. And when we’re creating these resistance pools in the environment on the farm, these things are living and spreading and growing.”

According to the research, ground beef from cows conventionally raised can be risky. The bacteria found in those are resistant to antibiotics to certain level.

According to the researcher, “So it’s especially important for ground beef, to cook it to 160 degrees to be absolutely safe.”

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