Republican Jeb Bush Criticizes US Pres Obama For ‘Not Heeding Warning’ On Cyber Attack On Federal Employees’ Data

Republican Jeb Bush Criticizes US Pres Obama For ‘Not Heeding Warning’ On Cyber Attack On Federal Employees’ Data
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Former Governor of Florida and Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush blamed United States President Barack Obama, according to the news, for the latter’s failure in heeding warnings which could have thwarted hackers from accessing Office of Personnel Management’s federal employees’ information.


“President Obama should step up, show some leadership, and work with Congress to pass this legislation, a key step towards creating a more robust public-private partnership,” Jeb Bush said in a blog published on

Bush also commented that Obama’s administration “failed to take basic steps” in protecting sensitive personal data despite a warning issued last year that the department was susceptible of attack. The hacking was later reported to have been discovered during a software product demonstration.

In particular, Bush attacked Obama for his shortcoming when he failed to work with the U.S. Senate, which did not pass any measure on “House-backed anti hacking legislation,” it has been reported.

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U.S. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act supposedly had the support of both Democrats and Republicans, however, Mr. Obama threatened to veto it, news said.

The supposed legislation would have encouraged the private sector in sharing voluntarily with the federal government information on cyberattacks and in said process, local leaders could prevent breaches of government data.

The cyberattack on the OPM federal employees’ information ignited a protest from union, criticizing the OPM director for failing to encrypt employees’ Social Security numbers which have been gathered by the hackers. The cyberattack which the government attributed to a Chinese origin, though not categorically pointing out whether it is a state-run activity, affected 14 million present and previous federal employees.

The inspector general of the OPM said last week that the agency’s proposal of $91 million worth of its networks’ computer overhaul caused “serious concerns.”

Jeb Bush officially announced his presidential bid on June 15 and in State of the Union, he clearly said he is a “Bush” but not “George,” his father. Before expressing his intent, Jeb served as Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. Former President George W. Bush has been a controversial leader for his campaign against Al Qaeda.