Stab Proof Vest Injures Reporter While Testing It

Stab Proof Vest Injures Reporter While Testing It
Shun Knives Yovany Camacho / Flickr CC BY 2.0

An Israeli reporter was stabbed while he was testing a stab proof vest.


The stab proof vest was manufactured by FMS Enterprises, which came in the wake of a series of stabbings in Israel. Eitam Lachover, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 1, who was covering the stab-proof vest story, thought to demonstrate the material used in the vest on himself, as reported by CNN.

He placed the material inside the jacket and had an employee stab him. The knife pierced Lachover’s knife, but it wasn’t a deep cut.

As the material was not sewn in place, it “moved a little bit down,” company CEO Avi Blum said. Blum added that the employee “stabbed [Lachover] in the upper part, where there was no anti-stabbing material.”

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After the incident with the stab-proof vest, Lachover received stitches and was discharged from the hospital, as reported by BBC.

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