Report: Microsoft to make Windows a “freebie OS”

Report: Microsoft to make Windows a “freebie OS”

windows 8.1 freebie Report: Microsoft to make Windows a freebie OSNew reports have suggested that Microsoft is developing a freebie version of its Windows operating system to roll out with more of a seamlessly integrated set of devices. The new iteration which Microsoft will launch is dubbed as “Windows 8.1 with Bing”. Microsoft might roll out freebie version of “Windows Bing” to the general users in order to inculcate the third world markets which are always reluctant to buy the Windows genuine copies.


There has been a less interest in upgrading to Windows newer version because of the copyright issues, product keys and activation. Microsoft seems to have started a complete segregation strategy in which there will be a clear classification of software products.

There will be operating systems for the people and there will be “privileged” operating systems with “special features” for the experts which will be available on demand and payment. Chromebook and Android initiatives are chipping away at Microsoft’s business and that’s why Microsoft is apparently trying to opt for the hit and trial strategy to really find what will work for it to get back into the mainstream market.

A recent report from the NetMarketShare suggested that since the launch of Windows 8, the graph of Microsoft sales has depleted because of the fact that the major market of Microsoft is in the third world countries which are always reluctant to buy and use Windows 8. The report suggested that Windows 7 and Windows XP are still more popular than the Windows 8 and 8.1 combined. The Windows operating system is ranked third in the overall desktop operating systems worldwide.

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This is really alarming for Microsoft. If we talk about mobile OS, Windows is not even getting near to Android and iOS. So the latest freebie launch of Microsoft will be in a desperate effort to boost up the sales and get into the mainstream market by Microsoft.

Bloomberg also reported that Microsoft is cutting Windows 8.1 licensing fees by 70% for installations on low-cost computers of $250 or less. In that context, original equipment manufacturers currently charged $50 would only have to pay $15. That will really bring an ease to bulk buyers of the operating system.