Report: Growing Number of Twitter Users Connect through Third-Party Apps

Report: Growing Number of Twitter Users Connect through Third-Party Apps

twitter Report: Growing Number of Twitter Users Connect through Third Party AppsNo one can deny the fact that Twitter continues to be popular among social media users. The microblogging site continues to attract more regular users. Consequently, the website continuously enjoy generating higher advertising revenues.


However, a recent report from the Wall Street Journal may provide a different view on Twitter’s popularity. A study by the daily newspaper found that a growing number of Twitter users are accessing the site through third-party applications.

The report revealed that up to 14% of current Twitter users tweet or check tweets through any of the numerous third-party apps that tap into the site’s data stream. That translates to 37.9 million of the social media site’s 271 million users.

Ups and down

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On the upside, the WSJ report highlighted that Twitter’s users grew 6.3% in the past quarter alone. That sounds promising. But the data on the usage of third-party apps may just spoil that. That is because those users who access Twitter through other means don’t actually get to see the advertisements that are posted on the Website.

And that may turn off most of the current clients who place ads on the site. It may mean that the ads will not be effective because the targeted users don’t actually get to check those out. However, this may not affect the popularity of Twitter in terms of usage.

Need for better strategies

The same report also underlined that the 14% increase in third-party app usage to access Twitter was about double the number of the same users that it reported last year. This clearly means that more and more Twitter users are going to third-party apps to check the site.

And that may continue to become a mystery for Twitter. The Website must soon find out why many users are opting to check out third-party apps. The site must also explore the possibility of banning itself to be accessed on those apps. Or better yet, Twitter must find ways to bring its ads when its site is accessed through those other means.

Meanwhile, for now, Twitter must enjoy its rising popularity and devise more strategies to be more effective not just in terms of usage but also in terms of ads reach.