Green Lantern: 7th Justice League Member?

Green Lantern: 7th Justice League Member?
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Since Warner Bros. revealed their promo content for Justice League at SDCC, fans have been disappointed as Green Lantern was not part of the poster or the teaser trailer. However, The DC community still hoped for the 7th JL member to be confirmed for the movie soon.


In July, there were speculations that Green Lantern could appear as a cameo in Justice League movie. But there were no credible rumors on Green Lantern till now.

Recently, Umberto Gonzalez shared some important scoop on DC Cinematic Universe. During his Periscope live stream from The Wrap HQ, the journalist was pestered by his fans to reveal news on Green Lantern for Justice League.

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At 20:14, Umberto Gonzalez decided to tease his viewers by responding to question on “Who will be the 7th Justice League member?”. He said, “I’ll give you a hint, in brightest day and darkest night, no evil shall escape Green Lantern’s light” . Check it out here.

For fans that aren’t aware, Umberto Gonzalez recited the famous Green Lantern oath in the live stream. Although his hint suggests that the space cop will be the 7th Justice League member in the movie, it still hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Currently, the production team still hasn’t casted Justice League villain Steppenwolf yet. While some fans questioned Gonzalez if the movie would be a “mess” the journalist outright denied it and believed it would be a success.

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Justice League movie will be releasing on November 17th, 2017. The movie is being directed by Zack Snyder and also has the influence of Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck.

In other news, a recent report confirmed Justice League Dark as the next official DC title by Warner Bros. furthermore; the studio has already chosen its director for the DCEU movie.

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