Remember The Cat Shot With Arrow Through Head? Vet Wants To Keep Her License

Remember The Cat Shot With Arrow Through Head? Vet Wants To Keep Her License
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The question regarding whether the veterinarian will be able to keep her license after killing a cat with an arrow and posting a picture of it on the internet will be answered by the administrative hearing.


Kristen Lindsey, who shot the cat with an arrow and posted a picture of it on Facebook, at the same time claiming to be “vet of the year,” is fighting to keep her license. The picture was posted in June last year, and the description along with it said, “My first bow kill… lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head. Vet of the year award… gladly accepted.”

The post soon drew heavy criticism from cat fans. Subsequently, she was terminated from her clinic. As reported by the Daily Mail, Lindsey said that she thought the cat was feral and that it had bad odor and fleas.

Claire and William Johnson, who say they are the owners of a cat named “Tiger,” the same cat they believe was killed by Lindsey, were questioned earlier in the day. Lindsey maintained that, had she known the cat belonged to someone else, she would not have killed it.

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Lindsey also added that she had received death threats after the incident. Questioned whether she would kill a feral cat again, she answered, “No, God no,” KAGS-TV reports.

Although it was recommended by a veterinary board that Lindsey’s license be cancelled, she has been working until now. Nevertheless, her work is witnessing a downslide since she was terminated from the Washington Animal Clinic.

“It’s pretty much put me out of work for a year,” she said, according to KXAN. “I’m essentially unemployable. I’m not licensed elsewhere, so until I get this resolved… There is not much I can do.”

House veterinarian Dr. Bill Folger, who was called in to assess the image posted on Facebook, asserted that the cat was alive. He expressed his disappointment over the incident, saying that he was “shocked, bewildered, that a colleague could kill a cat like this.” He also added that the image suggested that the animal in the Facebook picture was of a neutered male which appeared to be well fed to be feral.

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