Religious Leaders Write Australia’s PM Tony Abbott A Letter Against Same-Sex Marriage

Religious Leaders Write Australia’s PM Tony Abbott A Letter Against Same-Sex Marriage
Tony Abbott speaking at the 2015 National Flag Raising and Citizenship Ceremony Nick-D / Flickr CC BY-SA 4.0

Religious leaders have been pressuring Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott over same-sex marriage, news said. Mr. Abbott’s political party is also equally disfavoring against it.


At least 38 religious leaders from different major traditions sent a letter to the prime minister conveying grave concerns over renewed calls urging amendments to the Marriage Act.

In the letter which was quoted by News Corp Australia, the leaders signified marriage’s definition as enshrined in Commonwealth Marriage Act of 1961 to be “the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”

The epistle emphasized that said legal definition “reflects a truth deeply embedded across diverse communities, faiths and cultures.” A few MP from coalition believes a change in marriage policy under the Abbott regime could mean “an internal backlash” against him.

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Speaking through 2GB Radio, Minister Scott Morrison from Social Services admonished gay marriage advocates to “take a breather” and contemplate on some options like the civil unions, which remain to be unventilated.

Morrison suggested to give more time in consulting migrant communities on the issue and hoped it will not be “a thing which tears the country apart.”

The pressure on gay marriage erupted anew when MP Darren Chester from Nationals announced support on same-sex marriage, saying he supports a conscience vote.

“I think that conscience vote should occur in the spring sitting of Parliament and it would be my intention, if there was a conscience vote awarded, to vote yes,” ABC quoted the MP.

Mr. Chester expounded he was reflecting some change in his electorate that happened in the past seven years.

He added: “It is not the biggest issue in my electorate by any stretch, but it is significant issue for some people. I think the momentum is growing in the community. A lot of younger voters who I talk to, perhaps in secondary school or forums, say they have move on, they just want this to happen, that the Parliament of Australia should vote that way.”

Earlier in May, former Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan recorded support of same-sex marriage after a flip-flop on his stand.