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Redditors Demand Board To Apologize To Ellen Pao; Pao Invited As Honorary Mod

Redditors Demand Board To Apologize To Ellen Pao; Pao Invited As Honorary Mod
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Redditors Demand Board To Apologize To Ellen Pao; Pao Invited As Honorary Mod

A post in /r/casualconversation is on the rise demanding Reddit board to apologize to former CEO Ellen Pao. As of press time, the post “Reddit owes Ellen Pao an apology” garnered 1,366 points and 78 percent upvoted.

What fueled the mega thread was former CEO Yishan Wong’s disclosures regarding the sacking of Victoria Taylor that made Pao the most hated woman by Redditors.

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One comment on the rising thread was HeNeverLies4 who said that “With the info dropped by /u/yishan recently . . . it seems appropriate,” referring to the demand to apologize.

Another Redditor, TotalWare commented, “Considering the entire mess . . . I personally want to sack the board and replace them with people who give shits about something other than the bottom line.”

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Wong shared on Reddit that co-founder Alexis Ohanian should have been “up front and center” in admitting it was him who fired Victoria Taylor.

“Pao wasn’t able to do anything about it,” Ohanian wrote on Reddit referring to Taylor’s termination, “In this case, it should have traveled upstream to her, it came from above her.”

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Honorary Moderator

Pao has been invited as an honorary moderator in one of the threads on Reddit. One Redditor said, “Welcome! Even though some of us may or may not agree with aspects of the current Reddit drama we can chill out here, no matter our opinions.”

As Pao engaged in the thread, one Redditor said “We should make her CEO,” to which it reaped answers such as “Too soon” and “too late.”

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Awesterdam apologized to Pao and said, “I just want to say that I am sorry for jumping on the hate train and upvoting all those hurtful posts. Seeing you make these small talks made me realize you are human and have feelings too. I wish you well in your future endeavours.”

Reddit board made an announcement after Pao confirmed she resigned from her post, saying the former CEO will serve as Reddit’s advisor/consultant for the entire year.


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