Real Teleportation In Russia: Vladimir Putin Builds Teleporter For WW3?

Real Teleportation In Russia: Vladimir Putin Builds Teleporter For WW3?
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A video that showed a truck near missed a pedestrian has gone viral, raising the theory on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘teleportation’ skills.


The two-minute video showed a man wearing a light-colored coat who effortlessly avoided the approaching lorry. The entire almost-deadly man-truck encounter was captured by a car’s dashboard camera that happened to be a few meters away from the truck.

Putin’s Teleportation Power

Although the video was first recorded in 2012, based on the video’s timestamp, the issue has been revived after it was published in the Paranormal Elite channel just recently. Some have even connected the incident to what is termed in sci-fi films as teleportation.

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Teleportation is an ability to travel from one place to another in a split second. Although there have been no scientific studies that claimed this is indeed a phenomenon within the scientific realm, many have become intrigued on whether it does happen in real life.

In fact, a UK-based publication the Sun has linked this bizarre phenomenon to one of Europe’s most controversial and popular person—Putin. The report even went on to say that some are actually convinced that this has something to do with Putin’s success to develop out-of-this-world technology that could be a game-changer in the global warfare.

Russia Prepares For Nuclear Attack

It’s a common knowledge that Putin has engaged in nuclear war rhetoric with the NATO and the U.S. Putin even issued warning to Russians that his country should be ready for a nuclear attack from the U.S.

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But even Russia’s top investors in the field, including Alexander Galitsky, are not discounting the possibility of such technology to be in use.

“It sounds fantastical today, but there have been successful experiments at Stanford at the molecular level. Much of the tech we have today was drawn from science fiction films 20 years ago,” Galisky was quoted as saying by the Sun.

Meanwhile, in the U.S, the field of teleportation has received less interest, as far as studies are concerned. But this does not mean that there have been no movement within the field as researchers are currently investing the applicability of teleported laser pulses in the transportation industry, the Live Science reported.

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  • Lourens engelbrecht

    Vodka does that to a person.

  • Blind Freddy

    Someone trying to commit suicide you idiots , open your eyes , if you look close enough you can see them step off the road into the path of the truck.

  • lakerguy

    As much as I’d love this to be true absolutely nothing makes it seem so. First off if i was teleported and ended up on a main road with an 18 wheeler heading right at me I’d crap myself, not calmly walk off the road not even look back, second the truck driver must have the reflexes of a superhero for him to dodge someone who literally just appears in front of him at that speed and thirdly why did they not continue filming and ask that person what the hell he/she was doing ?