Real Life Karate Kid! 8-year-old Fights Off Invader With Kung-Fu

Real Life Karate Kid! 8-year-old Fights Off Invader With Kung-Fu
Karate Kids Gary Paulson / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Armed with martial arts moves, an eight-year-old karate kid girl from El Cajon, California was able to fend off a would-be abductor who broke into their house early morning Sunday.


A report from the El Cajon Police Department showed that around 4 a.m. Sunday, a mother of Hawk Lane reported a burglar who broke into window of their condo unit and went upstairs to her kids’ room.

The intruder, described by the girl as a man with a “fluffy” fair and a “dirty” odor, attempted to abduct the girl by dragging her down the stairs. But the girl who was awakened from her sleep took the chance and showed the moves she learned from her martial arts classes.

The report noted that the girl struck the suspect, who stood 5 feet 8 inches. The intruder fled and ran to an unknown direction. There was a similar case reported in the nearby community, which police suspect are related incidents.

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“After the suspect fled, the victim woke her parents and told them what had happened. There does not appear to be any items taken from the home and the victim is not physically injured. There was a screen removed from a nearby condo that appears to also have happened this morning,” the El Cajon Police Department reported.

According to her mother, the girl has been attending lessons in martial arts. But the family was concerned with the incident, especially since children should be safe while sleeping, Fox 5 News reported.

“I’m relieved that this is the story I get to tell – that she’s in my home, here and safe. My kids are supposed to be safe while they are sleeping,” the mother of the so-called Karate Kid, whose identity was withheld for safety reasons, was quoted as saying by Fox 5 News.

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