(READ) Groggy Hillary Clinton Sends ‘Deranged’ Email Messages?

(READ) Groggy Hillary Clinton Sends ‘Deranged’ Email Messages?
Hillary Clinton Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc
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A fresh set of top-secret emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server have been released by Russian intelligence services. These include emails sent to people like vice chairwoman of the Democratic nominee’s campaign Huma Abedin, The Times, her husband and former president Bill Clinton, her daughter Chelsea, and, surprisingly, Donald Trump.


Email to The Times

To: customerservice@thetimes

From: nextprezme@secretserver.com

Subject: Deplorable

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I am writing on behalf of a friend to express extreme dissatisfaction with your coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health. You devote a headline — a headline! — to the “fact” that pneumonia is really risky for people over 65, while pointing out that Senator Clinton is 68.

Who wrote that b.s.? One of your underpaid millennial interns who wants all baby boomers dead because we’re hogging the good jobs?

Let’s see that kid survive on as little sleep as Senator Clinton has lived on for months. Let’s see that punk stand outside in the heat in a pantsuit listening to speeches and not need a nap.

You call yourselves journalists? No wonder your deplorable newspaper is failing.

Email to Huma Abedin

To: huma@dumpweiner.org

From: nextprezme@secretserver.com

Subject: Going out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The doctors say I should be sleeping but, dear Lord, how can I be holed up here when I should be campaigning?

And now Bill is out there stealing my limelight????? Again????

Pneumonia’s not going to kill me, but I’ll tell you what might — watching cable TV and reading Donald’s Twitter feed.

Did you see that rumor that it was my body double who came out of Chelsea’s apartment on Sunday claiming to feel great? Hey, when I hire a body double, it’s going to be Jennifer Lawrence.

(And they say I don’t have a sense of humor.)

Want to come over and re-watch “House of Cards”?

Email to Donald Trump

To: thebiggest1@thebiggest1.com

From: nextprezme@secretserver.com

Subject: Hey


Ivanka gave Chelsea your private email and she passed it on to me. Hope you don’t mind! (Where would we be without our daughters?)

Anyway, I know you miss me. But not to worry. Can’t wait to see you at the debate!


Hillary Clinton, next president of the United States

According to the Chicago Tribune, Clinton also emailed her husband Bill Clinton twice. In the first email, she thanked her husband for covering for her on the campaign trail and that he has always been there for her in times of need.

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However, in the second email to Bill Clinton, the Democratic candidate’s tone has changed. She called her husband a “hound dog,” saying he thought he could “outshine” her.

The NY Mag reported that officials from the Democratic National Committee said that hackers backed by the Russian state breached the DNC once again. In a tweet, WikiLeaks provided a link to a series of leaked documents after the announcement.

These documents contain Democratic donor lists in detail, as well as donors’ personal information. It also contained the party’s fundraising strategies. The documents allegedly contained personal cell phone numbers of highest lieutenants of White House, which included vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

However, there is no other source or report that can confirm that that these super secret “deranged” emails, which were reported by the Chicago Tribune, did come from Hillary Clinton.

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