Ray on ‘Mr. Robot’: Figment of Elliot’s Imagination?

Ray on ‘Mr. Robot’: Figment of Elliot’s Imagination?
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‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 episode 7 ended with a shocking revelation that would not only be talked about for days but also raise questions about the true identity of Ray Heyworth as well as how Elliot ended up in such a situation.


Up to the episode 7 of the series all that could be known about Ray is that he is a cunning man, ready to go to any extent to keep his business of trading illegal goods and services online running. He sought Elliot’s help to revive the website that he and his wife started.

However, he had no idea on what the website was used for, until Elliot revealed it to him. Elliot wouldn’t at first trust the guy, but Ray played his cards well to win over his trust. After the website was up, the two play a game of chess and Ray appears increasingly like a therapist.

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Numerous theories have come up regarding the true identity of Ray, given the unpredictability that rules the plot of ‘Mr. Robot’ at every turn.

The episode 7 of the second season unveiled that the world that Elliot lived in for so long was actually a prison. Does that mean that Ray too is a figment of his imagination? However, this theory raises questions as to why Elliot was then being beaten up or whether the other programmer is a figment of his imagination as well, the Heavy.com reported.

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According to another theory, Ray is possibly a prison guard or a prison warden, given the extent of authority he has. To some he could also be an in-prison therapist. It could be so that Elliot ended up in prison because he turned Ray in.

Heavy.com reported that according to the many, Elliot has been in prison since the beginning of the Season 2. At the end of Season 1, Elliot heard a mysterious knock on his door and it is being speculated that it was the police who had arrived to arrest him.

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