Raptors News: Toronto Raptors Relying On DeMarre Carroll’s Brand New Tricks

Raptors News: Toronto Raptors Relying On DeMarre Carroll’s Brand New Tricks
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He came in as a borderline player, and for the next two and half seasons appeared as if in the wrong side of the border-line. Then he landed in Utah Jazz and his fortunes changed. A lovely season at Jazz in 2013 earned him a decent deal in Atlanta.


At Atlanta Hawks, DeMarre Carroll‘s career took a giants’ stride. He eventually became a 3-point threat, accomplished defender and rebound specialist. Carroll was Atlanta’s best player during the playoffs last season.

As a defensive role player Carroll bagged an astronomical deal this offseason with the Toronto Raptors, which raised a lot of eyebrows. They believe a 4-year, $60 million contract is a drastic overpay for a 3-and-D specialist.

But the Raptors were cleverly seeking to resolve a major problem that plagued them last season: the perimeter defense problem. Defensive woes led Toronto to stark decline in the latter four months of the season. So Carroll at the heart of defense was the need of the hour.

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More in offer for Raptors, says Carroll

Carroll has lot more to offer to the Raptors this season. Every season, he has added more tricks to his repertoire. Recently in an interview with Raptors HQ, Carroll revealed he has trained hard to adopt new features in his game.

“I think, most importantly, is just play pick and roll. I think I understand that and it’s what my next step is. I’ll continue to keep shooting the three ball, continue to keep slashing, and continue to make my main focus playing defense. That’s what they really brought me over here for. But I think playing pick and roll is the next step on my ladder and, once I learn how to play pick and roll and [how to make] proper reads off pick and roll, then I can start looking toward other things, like maybe playing one on one and posting up. But I think it’s just taking it one step at a time.”

The ace defense man seeks expansion every year in Toronto.

“Each year I’m in Toronto, I’m trying to grow, and you don’t want to try to take too many leaps and bounds at once, because you have to try to perfect one thing and keep getting better at one thing and I think that’s what I try to do. That’s why I had so many successful years in Atlanta.”

Carroll’s career is going to take few more leaps at Raptors.

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