‘Rapping’ Pope Francis Sends Twitter Ablaze: Hashtag #PopeBars Goes Viral

‘Rapping’ Pope Francis Sends Twitter Ablaze: Hashtag #PopeBars Goes Viral
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A picture of Pope Francis looking like he is rapping has sent Twitter into meltdown. The pontiff is holding a microphone and looked like he is “pulling a Kanye West.” The photo has turned into a viral meme with netizens composing their own rapping lyrics that go well with the snap.


The now viral photo was snapped while Pope Francis was speaking at a refugee camp in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. The hashtag #PopeBars has since been trending on Twitter.

Even Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway rap musical “Hamilton,” has joined in the fun. “Lyrical cataclysm, Miracle catechism, Smack em w that epistle, Then Back to Vaticizzle,” his tweet went. “Scandal” star Kerry Washington seemed like she was having so much fun with the hashtag and the raps that come with it. “#PopeBars?!?!?! I’m dying! THE BEST!!!!” she tweeted.

Ironically or incidentally, Pope Francis had actually released a pop rock album in September titled “Wake Up!” The album features excerpts from the pontiff’s speeches, homilies and prayers intercepting with traditional Christian songs made modern with rock guitar accompaniment.

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The album received mix reviews. The Associated Press said the album feels like a 1980 “middle-of-the-road rock album” interrupted by soft-spoken spiritual musings. “While it’s not always a heavenly mashup, it’s a heartfelt offering that should burnish Francis’ image as the people’s pope,” the review went.

The “very funny” parish preist, Canon Peter Newby, of St Maty Moorfields church in the City of London, compared the album to that of Enya’s. “It sounded a bit like the music you hear on those buses when you travel Turkey or Lebanon,” he wrote. He gave the album an over-all rating of 4/10.

The Telegraph, meanwhile, chose to go beyond the album. “Proceeds go to help refugees at a time when displaced people are struggling to find room at the inn. Whatever your stance on the Catholic Church, or its leader, Pope Francis has made a good call here. At a time of increasingly inflamed religious emotions, the world could use a little Holy Chill out,” the review reads.