Kevin Durant Joins Warriors: Curse On Ex Oklahoma City Thunder Star Lifted, Rapper Lil B Claims

Kevin Durant Joins Warriors: Curse On Ex Oklahoma City Thunder Star Lifted, Rapper Lil B Claims
Kevin Durant Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

The curse on Kevin Durant is lifted, according to Rapper Lil B in his recent Twitter post about the former OKC player. In what could be the end to a feud lasting years, will ”lifting the curse” really grant Kevin Durant a title?


The year was 2011 and all is great in the world when Durant decided to slam the rapper on Twitter. The NBA star criticized B’s music saying that his mind wouldn’t let him listen to it.

The Beef

According to Entertainment Weekly, KD also questioned why the rapper is still relevant, prompting Lil B to ”curse” him for calling him a ”wack” rapper. The curse entailed that Durant will never win the title calling it “THE BASEDGOD’S CURSE”.

After last season’s disappointing loss to the Golden State Warrior’s despite a 3-1 lead, many believed it as the curse at work. That in addition to a couple of years of the Thunder’s seasons getting cut short in the playoffs.

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Now that Kevin Durant has joined the ranks of the Warriors, Lil B’s home team, it has apparently ended the feud between the two. The rapper apparently ”lifted” the curse the same way he placed it, through a tweet.

“Welcome home KD the curse is lifted.” The rapper Tweeted Monday morning and just like that, the 5-year long beef ended. With the curse lifted, KD and the Splash Brothers reclaim the title lost to Lebron James and the Cavs.

Durant’s move, according to USA TODAY, was on par with King James’ move to Miami. Despite the actual difference between what he will make between the two teams a mere $7 Million, the Warrior’s play style might have sealed the deal.

Whether it’s the new team or the lifting of the curse, the Warrior’s chance at redemption is now ridiculously high with Durant joining the roster. It will be a season to look forward to no doubt.

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