Rams Win Bid For Los Angeles, Chargers Have Option To Join

The St. Louis Rams have won the bid for Los Angeles, the result of a vote made by NFL’s owners on Tuesday. The San Diego Chargers have until January 16 to join the Rams, who are headed to Inglewood, California.


The franchise was competing with a conglomerate that included San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. The NFL hasn’t hosted a Los Angeles team since the 1994 season. The Rams have proposed to build a $1.86 billion stadium project in Inglewood, located in the outskirts of L.A.

They received an overwhelming 30 votes as opposed to the 2 votes received by the Chargers-Raiders tandem. The Rams needed the approval of only 24 of the league’s 32 owners. (Watch Full Press Conference Above)

Next season, the team will begin playing in Los Angeles. However, they won’t move into their new Ingewood home until the 2019 NFL season. The franchise resided in Southern California between 1946 and 1994 before relocating to St. Louis, Missouri.

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Meet the Los Angeles Rams!

Within an hour of the news, NFL’s official website has already renamed the St. Louis Rams to the Los Angeles Rams. Strangely enough, the website lists Anaheim Stadium as the new home for the Rams. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement on which stadium will host the team until their move to Inglewood in 2019.

Last week, all three franchises submitted applications to relocate to the second largest city in the U.S. Incidentally, the Chargers and Raiders are currently playing in the two oldest stadiums in the league.

Will the move help the Rams return to the playoffs?