Ralph Lauren Trying Out Interactive Fitting Rooms In New York City

Ralph Lauren Trying Out Interactive Fitting Rooms In New York City
Photo Credit: JeepersMedia via Compfight cc

Trying on clothes for Ralph Lauren has just become a lot more interesting. Recently, the company has updated its flagship store in Fifth Avenue with high tech fitting rooms that have several interesting features, including one that allows a customer to ask for a different size without ever having to step out of the room.


According to a report from WMD.com, Ralph Lauren’s brand new Oak Fitting Room is the creation of tech company Oak Labs, which has only been in business for around six months. Its unique fitting room creation features an interactive touchable mirror, which allows customers to make requests while inside the fitting room, just like they would with a tablet.

According to Oak Labs Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer Healey Cypher, “integrated commerce” is the future of fashion retail. What it does is it creates “a singular experience between the customer and the brand.” It’s also finding a way for technology to make clothes shopping more efficient and fun.

Once a customer enters the Oak Labs fitting room, its RFID Product Recognition feature will immediately record how many items are in the room for the customer to try. Meanwhile, to make the customer more comfortable inside, he or she can choose to change the room’s lighting (white, dusk, club or aquarium) and even change the language the interactive system uses.

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Meanwhile, trying on a different size or color no longer means having to step out of the room to request for them. Instead, a customer can make a request while inside this interactive fitting room through the touchable system in the mirror. Once a request is made, it goes directly to the store associate app where a store associate will accept the request. Afterwards, the customer will be informed if the store associate is on the way to the fitting room with the request. And in case the customer wants to keep shopping, this interactive fitting room by Oak Labs also provides style recommendations so that one can do more shopping comfortably.

Ralph Lauren has reportedly purchased 16 of these touch-screen mirror systems by Oak Labs. Among them, eight have already been installed in the company’s flagship store. Meanwhile, the remaining eight will reportedly be installed in Polo’s other high-performing markets by next month.