Raiders Moving To San Antonio?

Raiders Moving To San Antonio?
Raiders Michael Tipton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The Oakland Raiders couldn’t pull off their desired relocation to Los Angeles. But could they be moving to San Antonio instead?


Red McCombs, the former Minnesota Vikings owner, said in a radio interview Thursday that the city of San Antonio is ready to host the Raiders. In fact, McCombs offered to invest in the team and facilitate the entire procedure of moving cities.

Mark Davis, the Raiders owner, owns a piece of land in San Antonio where he could build a new stadium. “He (Mark Davis) was born and raised there, and he has a great feeling for the state of California. But it appears he is going to need to go somewhere,” McCombs said of Davis, while speaking to ESPN San Antonio.

McCombs said he already has a team of investors lined up. “We would be happy to be investors if that what he wants. We have investors lined up if that what he wants. If he wants to keep it all to himself, that’s OK too,” said the 88-year-old billionaire.

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Will Davis accept McComb’s offer? The Raiders would obviously need approval from the NFL to pull off the relocation project. McComb believes that the proposal wouldn’t be withheld by the league since the Raiders are struggling to secure a new stadium in Oakland, besides facing a host of other problems.

Raiders were desperate to return to L.A. before withdrawing their application a few days ago. Regardless of their withdrawal, NFL owners prioritized the Rams’ proposal.

McCombs, a native of San Antonio, said that the city has “several locations that could work to build a new stadium” before adding that he had “a dozen corporate sponsors lined up with serious commitments”.

McCombs even offered to buyout the Raiders, if that’s what it takes to bring the team to Texas. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Raiders owner Davis declined to comment about a potential future in San Antonio.