Radiohead Releases Surprise Music Video “Burn the Witch” After Long Absence

Radiohead Releases Surprise Music Video “Burn the Witch” After Long Absence
Radiohead Daniele Dalledonne / Flickr cc
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After what can only be described as the modern-age radio-silence, erasing themselves completely from the internet, Radiohead is back!


Daily Mail reported that millions of Radiohead fans had gone into a frenzy after Radiohead, one of the most popular bands ever to have existed, suddenly decided to erase all traces of themselves from digital media. Many of them took to social media trying to guess the probable purpose behind such a move, coming to the conclusion that it must have been due to their much- awaited and rumored ninth album and that it was about to release soon.

People also started debating the quirkiest possible way that Radiohead could release their latest album since they have already used weird methods like a frontman Yorke handing out Radiohead-themed newspapers, on the day their album ‘King of Limbs’ was released.

It came as a shock to all Radiohead fans when the band tweeted a music video called “Burn the Witch”, which is a single from their upcoming album, from their official account, on Tuesday, 4th May 2016. The track played to a claymation video, which was directed by artist Chris Hopewell, which clearly seems to be an homage to the 1973 horror movie, ‘The Wickerman’. The video displays a pagan village and its many fantastical rituals including a decorated gallows, a witch sabot and explaining the Wickerman concept.

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Trust Radiohead to not confide about the release of the music video on a public platform, to even its animation artist! Chris Hopewell was as surprised as the rest of the world at the sudden release of the music track and he commented on Instagram saying, “So I guess we just made a Radiohead video!”

Moreover, it seems like Radiohead is all for going old school again, suggests NY Daily News. People who had previously purchased albums through the band’s own website, received an almost cryptic pamphlets with the words “Sing the song of sixpence that goes ‘Burn the witch’ we know where you live” and an abstract graphic printed them, the latter being rumored to be the cover-art of the upcoming album.

All in all, no one can predict what goes on in their heads and all the fans can do is be ready for anything that might be thrown their way.

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