Race Walker Yohann Diniz Diarrhea: Reason He Pooped And Collapsed Revealed!

Race Walker Yohann Diniz Diarrhea: Reason He Pooped And Collapsed Revealed!

Race Walker Yohann Diniz accidentally pooped and collapsed shortly after while he was on the competition last Friday.


The French Olympian, who was leading the 50k, made headlines when he suddenly defecated during mid walk.

In a video from NBC, the 36-year-old athlete was seen using a sponge to hide the fecal matter.  It has been reported that Yohann Diniz was having severed gastrointestinal issue during the competition, The Daily Mail said in a report.

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Despite having intestinal problems, the world’s best race walker managed to finish off the competition in the 8th place even after passing out midway.

But Olympian Yohann Diniz’ gastrointestinal problem is not one-of-a-kind. In fact, many long distance runners suffer from the same severe condition, a report from Business Insider said.

Experts said that about 71 percent of them reportedly have abdominal cramping and diarhhea.

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“Some suggest it’s a result of the severe physical jostling a marathon can impose on your internal organs. Others think it happens after prolonged periods of decreased blood flow to your intestines,” the report told.

Long distance athletes are also prone to diarrhea because their food moves quickly through their body’s system.

Apart from this, race walkers and runners also have acid reflux.

The extreme practice that comes before the race is also one thing to consider. The report said it can affect the immune system, which may lead to infections like colds and flu.

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