Queen Elizabeth’s Cousin Lord Ivar First Openly Gay Royal: His Partner James Coyle Has A Girlfriend?

Queen Elizabeth’s Cousin Lord Ivar First Openly Gay Royal: His Partner James Coyle Has A Girlfriend?
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Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten has come out as first openly gay royal. However, the 53-year-old and his new partner James Coyle have a pact of no PDAs in public.


Does the PDA part raise doubts about the seriousness of the couple’s relationship? Lord Ivar is still 100 percent comfortable with his sexuality.

According to Daily Mail, James Coyle is an airline cabin services director. The publication added that the couple have a pact: no public displays of affection unless it’s a hello or goodbye hug, never holding hands and no dancing together at parties.

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Besides, Lord Ivar and James still have no pet names for each other. Is their relationship just a fling or an attraction?

Or maybe James Coyle has a secret girlfriend? James struggled with his sexuality as a teen and had many girlfriends throughout his 20s.

He did not come out fully until after the death of his mother in 2003. But, post coming out as gay, he dated men but had never found a boyfriend with whom he wanted to build a life.

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The pair met in Verbier, Switzerland in March 2015, Independent reports. “I’m just so pleased now to have found someone who I am happy to call my partner,” James Coyle said.

However, he had a strict condition for Lord Ivar if they were to date – that the latter had to admit his sexuality. James felt that they had to be open with family and friends and hence the admission.

Lord Ivar, 53, is very close to queen’s youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex. So his admission of his sexuality to Daily Mail may not have come as a surprise to Edward and the British royal family.

The queen may have had an idea of what was coming up from Lord Ivar, her cousin, her extended family. It must be tough for the senior most royals as they are known for their stiff upper lip – not discussing their private matter in the public. Is the queen angry with Ivar?

Lord Ivar has three daughters with his ex-wife Penny. It was very tough for him to admit about him being gay to his kids, but he has the blessings and support of all of them.

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