Queen Elizabeth Retiring Soon: Kate Middleton & Prince William Take The Throne?

Queen Elizabeth Retiring Soon: Kate Middleton & Prince William Take The Throne?
Queen Elizabeth The Royal Family/Twitter

Kate Middleton is reportedly taking on the responsibilities of Queen Elizabeth II, as she preps for the larger role.


In a shocking cover story in a local UK magazine it has been reported that the nonagenarian queen has gone into a retirement mode due to her ill health.

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her official 90th birthday in June, the celebrations for which ended with The Patron’s Lunch. It is being said that after the festivities, the queen handed her duties to Kate and William and went into semi-retirement. “Elizabeth couldn’t wait to show the world Kate and William are capable of leading the nation when she abdicates by year’s end,” said a royal insider talking to Globe.

In relation to this, the queen is reportedly doing everything to keep Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and son Prince Charles away from the throne.

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Camilla who had to wait a long time to marry Charles has reportedly been eyeing the throne. And now her dreams have been crashed. Meanwhile, at the Royal Ascot it was for the first time that Kate Middleton made her debut.

The spotlight was on her completely. The insider said that it was a decision made by Queen Elizabeth in a lead up to abdicating the throne. Besides, Kate was also announced as the patron of the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in 2015, a position that the queen held for 64 years.

The insider revealed that Queen Elizabeth was doing everything possible to keep “that drunk Camilla away from the throne.” Charles and Camilla have reportedly only been an embarrassment for the British monarchy. However, William and his wife Kate love the queen and are ready to go that extra mile for her and do anything that makes her happy.

The tabloid also claimed that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins! This, unless Kate Middleton herself confirms, we will take with a grain of salt. There have been enough pregnancy stories about her that has been written ending up untrue.

It was said that the Duchess of Cambridge was three months pregnant with twin girls, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.


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  • Barbara

    Her Majesty will let us all know when she is ready to retire, if at all. Semi-retirement may be more suitable, at least for as long as she’s able to conduct duties. No one expects perfect health at age 90. God willing her general health is manageable. Best wishes to her.

  • Sirdirkfan

    Can’t see Lizzie abdicating….that would put her in the same infamous league as Edward VIII even though she doesn’t have the baggage of abdication he did….but it’s still ‘abdication.’
    Glad to see it written that the Queen’s subjects feel as badly about those prostitutes Charles and Camilla when he should too, but doesn’t.
    William and his wife on the throne….Diana will be ecstatic.