Queen Elizabeth Retires in 2017? Prince William Getting The Throne, Kate Middleton Elated?

Queen Elizabeth Retires in 2017? Prince William Getting The Throne, Kate Middleton Elated?
Queen Elizabeth The Royal Family/Twitter
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Queen Elizabeth is retiring in 2017? It has been reported that the 90-year-old royal will be retiring in February 2017 and passing the crown to her grandson, Prince William.


There is a lot of speculation over Prince William taking the British throne and his wife Kate Middleton being elated. However, the question that arises here is whether the nonagenarian royal is actually abdicating for her grandson.

Earlier in October, two websites reported that Queen Elizabeth is abdicating in favor of her grandson. The websites claimed that she was retiring and passing on the throne to Prince William, instead of her son Prince Charles, the heir apparent, Snopes reported.

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The websites 1ndependent and Da1lyMail confirmed that the British monarch is set to retire on Feb.6, 2017. The queen ascended the throne immediately after the death of her father King George VI in 1952, according to Wikipedia.

Next year will be the 65th anniversary since she ascended the throne. The websites claimed that she will pass on the throne to William during the time.

However, the story is a complete hoax as the websites are fake news sites. They spoof the name domains of legitimate news sources and do not publish factual stories. They should not be confused with the real Independent and Daily Mail.

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Queen Elizabeth has not announced of taking retirement from public life. She has also never said of skipping Prince Charles in the royal line of succession in favor of Prince William.

She is the oldest and longest-reigning monarch in Britain and the first to enter her tenth decade. In July, there were speculations that the queen handed her duties to Kate and William and went into semi-retirement after her official birthday celebrations in June.

“Elizabeth couldn’t wait to show the world Kate and William are capable of leading the nation when she abdicates by year’s end,” said a royal insider talking to Globe.

Meanwhile, rumors of abdication have been quashed time and again on her behalf by her family, the Royal Household, and constitutional and royal historians. “I don’t think it’s even a thought,” the Duke of York said in 2015, according to a report in IBT US in April.

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