Queen Elizabeth Dead: Prince William And Kate Middleton At Loss What To Do?

Queen Elizabeth Dead: Prince William And Kate Middleton At Loss What To Do?
Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Kensington Palace/Twitter

Is Queen Elizabeth of England dead? Are Prince William & Kate Middleton panicking over how to handle the situation and calm the nation down?


According to a recently released news report, which has gone viral on the internet, Queen Elizabeth, the reigning monarch of the U.K. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is no more! In the light of this situation, people of Britain are sure to start mourning the loss of their beloved Queen.

How is Prince William and wife Kate Middleton planning to reassure their subjects with the great black cloud that now surrounds the Buckingham Palace?

The news was reported by a website called “The Guard1an”, which though might look the reputed news medium called “The Guardian” at the first glance, is actually a clever play on its popular brand name.

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Queen Elizabeth Death Hoax

Also, something else that this news website is not, is legitimate.

Hence, while the fact that the Buckingham Palace has declared in a press release that “with the greatest sadness, at about 3.15pm, our beloved monarch Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 in London. She will be missed but not forgotten,” it not true at all.

A lot of controversies have surrounded Prince William and Kate Middleton’s life over the last couple of months, what with rumors about Kate being pregnant for the third time and William being less than enthusiastic about it.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton

A lot of news mediums have also criticized Prince William’s shy attitude which can prove to be a concern when he does sit on the throne one day. Thankfully, that time is a long way off since his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is fit and fine, despite being 90 years of age.

The fake news site has reported nothing more than a death hoax, which is often seen to pop up in order serve as clickbait.

The news can be easily debunked by a comparison of the alleged press release by Buckingham Palace with one from the time that was released at the time of the demise of Queen Mother Elizabeth, back in March 2002.

It had stated that “Her beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth, died peacefully in her sleep this afternoon, at Royal Lodge, Windsor,” reports ABC News.

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