‘Quantico’ Staring Priyanka Chopra Starts With A Bang – Spoilers Ahead

“Quantico” is a new action thriller on ABC that premiered Sunday night. The show has been in the attention zone not only because of its content but also because it stars Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra.


Though the premiere has not answered any curiosity about what it is going to happen in the future, Chopra has managed to woo viewers with her sensuous appeal. However, it feels that her potential could be used in a better way by the showrunners.

The show starts with Alex Parish injured in an explosion. She is held guilty and put behind bars. The premiere is more about flashbacks from the FBI academy in Quantico.

Parish is shown flying to the academy, and on her way, she meets a stranger who she has sex with. She does not tell her name to the guy as she feels he is lying about his identity. However, they meet each other in the academy itself and their story remains interesting.

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“Quantico” spoilers suggest that Alex will now be on a journey to find the person who is actually behind the terror attack. She now knows that one of her batchmates were involved in the attack. She has to identify who the person is to prove herself innocent.

“Quantico” spoilers also hint toward a dark past of Alex. If you like dramas with flashbacks, then this should be a show to watch out for.

When asked about selecting a show, Chopra told Entertainment Weekly, “I read 26 scripts, almost every pilot [ABC was] planning, and I made a top few list that I liked. ‘Quantico’ was my first choice,” adding, “Actually I mean, ‘The Muppets’ was my favorite, but I was told Miss Piggy won’t allow anyone else on her show.”

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