‘Quantico’ Spoilers Episode 9: Alex Interrogated, Simon’s Life In Danger

‘Quantico’ Spoilers Episode 9: Alex Interrogated, Simon’s Life In Danger
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ABC has released a sneak peek of “Quantico” episode 9 “Guilty.” The show is now revealing the truth about each of the characters involved.


The previous episodes of the show have been engrossing. Especially episode eight, which is more focused on the plot. “Guilty” will also magnify the focus.

In “Quantico” episode 8, Alex Parrish is seen entering the FBI facility and surrendering. She is going through a gruesome interrogation. Will the FBI believe her statement and reason to surrender?

Quantico” spoilers for episode 9 suggest that it will be clear as to whose side Alex is on. She will eventually get to know who thinks she is innocent. “Quantico” spoilers also suggest that Alex already knows that her father and Liam are hiding a secret to her that involves massive deaths. It will also be clear that Miranda does not know her son any better.

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According to “Quantico” spoilers episode 9, in the academy, the trainees play one more mind game. Dr. Susan Langdon, played by Anne Heche, drops in as a guest speaker. She assigns trainees to look into a serial killing case. She wants them to find out which of the murders don’t fit in the picture. Simon is the fastest to find the answer.

The way the show has progressed has created more mysteries than what is already solved. Some of the questions are not that important, but they were given proper attention. The manhunt for Alex had to end somewhere. It has ended, but she is not free yet. The characters of the show are connected to each other, and it has been made clear in the previous episodes. Everything seems to be dark for viewers. The way the show is progressing, it can be assumed that dust will be cleared only in the finale.