‘Quantico’ Season 2 Spoilers: Booth, Parrish Romance Explored?

‘Quantico’ Season 2 Spoilers: Booth, Parrish Romance Explored?
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“Quantico” Season 1 wrapped up without much of a cliffhanger, with the identity of the real terrorist being done and dusted. However, it did give the viewers a bit of a teaser of what they can expect in “Quantico” Season 2.


“Quantico” season finale

From the looks of it, Alex Parrish might be ditching FBI and moving onto the CIA in the next season of “Quantico.” After being falsely framed and terrorized by someone from the very institution she received her training from, Parrish finally decided that enough is enough and that she is better off working for CIA than FBI.

So how will the character of Alex Parrish change after being recruited by the CIA?

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“Quantico” Season 2

Joshua Safran, the creator of “Quantico” told Complex that season 2 of the show will focus more on the dynamics between Booth and Alex:

“The goal of season two is that we really have loved the chemistry between Priyanka and Jake [McLaughlin’s Ryan Booth]. I think we will be keying even more into their chemistry and sort of taking on a little bit more of a “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” vibe for season two. Season two is not grad school. You are in the real world.”

So does that mean that “Quantico”’ is finally done with the flashbacks that reverted back to Parrish’s training days at the FBI academy, every now and then, in Season 1? Joshua told TV Guide that flashbacks might be used as a device to bring back characters that have already died on the show such as Liam and Simon:

“It is my hope that both Josh and Tate immediately jump onto new projects because they’re great actors and they should be working all the time. But if they were available and wanted to come back for flashbacks, I would love to have them.”

There sure is a lot to look forward to in “Quantico” Season 2!

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