‘Quantico’ Season 2 Spoilers, Air Date, Plot: Darker, Deeper But Less Confusing Episodes On Deck

‘Quantico’ Season 2 Spoilers, Air Date, Plot: Darker, Deeper But Less Confusing Episodes On Deck
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AmidQuantico season 2, the thickening plot and the latest spoilers have teased that less confusing episodes are set to happen.


What could this possibly mean? Would Priyanka Chopra’s character Alexandra “Alex” Parrish settle with CIA after she was fired by the FBI? Or, would she prove the former wrong by trying to go back to the organization?

In the first season of the ABC thriller television series, it can be recalled that Alex was accused of masterminding a terror attack, which was the reason behind her expulsion from FBI.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Josh Safran shared some meaty “Quantico” season 2 spoilers.

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He hinted that there is going to be a “reset” in the upcoming new season of the series that stars the 34-year-old former beauty queen from India.

“I was very interested in looking at this show as different books in a series, which is different than a sequel,” Safran said.

As fans have observed that the previous season was full of jumps, he assured them that they have employed a different approach for “Quantico” season 2.

“We made adjustments to the idea of two timelines, as viewers will see in the premiere,” Safran dished. “It’s less confusing.”

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He further pointed out that new episodes of the series will be “deeper, it’s richer, it’s more mature,” despite being “darker.”

The showrunner also disclosed that their wish and goal this time is really to provide their followers a “better” show.

With the entry of new faces, Safran detailed in the newest set “Quantico” season 2 spoilers that one or more of these new recruits would eventually turn into terrorists.

In the meantime, TV Line divulged that Alex would continue her journey as a wanted individual.

However, as she starts working for CIA, she will not immediately “kick butt.”

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“When you start working at the CIA, you don’t become an operative immediately, or even necessarily at all,” Safran said. “There are many different tracks, like at any company.”

“Quantico” season 2 will premiere this Sunday on ABC.

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