‘Quantico’ Recap: Simon Seems Suspicious, Alex’s Mom In Trouble

‘Quantico’ Recap: Simon Seems Suspicious, Alex’s Mom In Trouble
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The last episode of “Quantico” began in the present where the mother of Alex Parrish is in trouble. The FBI has raided the home of the suspected terrorist who is trying to prove she is innocent ever since the bomb shook the country.


While Ryan Booth joins his duty to hunt for Alex after his recovery, Simon is helpful. She lends her hand to Alex in the quest of searching the truth. This seems to be too good to be true as at the end of the episode it was found that Simon reports to Deputy Director Clayton.

Simon has been thrown out of “Quantico” and now he is working for Clayton. It is a big question mark if Alex is moving to the right direction by trusting Simon or not.

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Whether Alex trusts Simon or not is still not clear. As far as forming her character in “Quantico” is concerned, she is smart not to trust anyone completely. She may be working with Simon at this point in time but will eventually get to know the truth.

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Showrunners focused solely on the character of Alex, who is clearly the protagonist. This time, it seemed that the showrunners started coloring other characters of the show steadily but slowly. The twists were evident for a thriller like this. It was expected but it was shaped quite well, too.