‘Quantico’ Episode 7 Recap, Alex Searches For Truth About Nimah And Raina

‘Quantico’ Episode 7 Recap, Alex Searches For Truth About Nimah And Raina
Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery celebrityabc / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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The game is getting dangerous between Alex Parrish and the FBI in “Quantico” episode 7, “Go.” Alex, played by Priyanka Chopra, is trying to track down the NATs in order to find the real culprits behind the blast. According to an episode 7 recap, she put her eyes on the twin sisters, Nimah and Raina.


Though Alex and Simon did not have good bond in the past when they were trainees, she asks Simon to help. Simon, on the other hand, is sure that the twin sisters have nothing to do with the blast but agrees to help her. Alex is curious because she knows one of the sisters were in Grande Central two days before the blast.

Alex was in tough competition in the past. Back in Quantico, midterm has approached. The NATs are given an explosive assignment. Simon is expected to perform well because he has some prior experience with bombs. The new assignment is difficult because some of the trainees will be sent home should they fail.

Episode 7 of “Quantico” is more about the chase. There is no one Alex can actually trust. She is doing her best to uncover the real culprit, but everything goes in vain. This is the pre-finale episode and Alex is still not sure who the culprit is.

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In the past, the NATs are going to keep a close watch on Miranda and her son. As the twin sisters are recruited, the scanner lies on them, too. The relationship between Raina and Simon may go to another level as well.

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