‘Quantico’ Episode 6 Spoilers: Alex Trusts Ryan

Priyanka Chopra-starrer “Quantico” is doing really well as far as viewers rating is concerned. The story of the FBI agent is demanding attention for sure, and it seems that the audience is ready to give in.


The sixth episode of the show is going to be aired on November 1. The episode entitled “God” will show Alex and Ryan get close again. This time, they share a steamy shower scene where Ryan will ask Alex if she believes him. Ryan will also feel like telling Alex the truth why he joined “Quantico.” However, he is puzzled, and the sneak peek ended at that point.

According to the “Quantico” episode six spoilers, Caleb and Shelby will be distant from one another. Caleb and Shelby got really close in the previous episode of the show, but they decided to stay apart while Caleb got closer to Simon.

Simon also confessed the truths he had hidden. He may have lied about being gay, his glasses and even about admiring coffee, but it is not known why. Simon has already admitted that he spent time in Gaza. He was not a volunteer but a member of Israel Defense Forces.

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Executive producer Joshua Safran said about the show, “I believe on this show, when somebody says, ‘I’m going to tell you the truth,’ it is a version of the truth.”

“Quantico” episode 6 spoilers also suggest that Raina will be putting down the wall on herself and will accept the friendship Simon has to offer. Check out the complete episode on November 1.