‘Quantico’ Episode 6 Recap: Ryan And Alex Get Closer, Simon Generates Feelings For Nimah

‘Quantico’ Episode 6 Recap: Ryan And Alex Get Closer, Simon Generates Feelings For Nimah
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“Quantico” is a TV series where no character is clean even when they are going to become FBI agents who are supposed to save the country.


More interestingly, the trainers and controllers actually know that and even then they recruited such suspicious people. Isn’t that funny? Nevertheless, the secrets are what keeps the show alive. Episode 6 of “Quantico” saw another person willing to share his story.

Though Alex and Ryan had a casual encounter in the car in the first episode of “Quantico” and Alex thought she will never meet him again, she actually did. When they met in the institute, they started developing a close bond. Their relationship is getting deeper and this time Ryan decides to tell the truth to Alex in the episode “God.”

The secret that he wants to reveal is about him spying on Alex. He wants to tell her that he is not a trainee but an agent appointed to have a close look on her. However, she has become his love interest and now he wants to tell the truth to her. He consults Simon for that reason.

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Simon, on the other hand, may not be gay as what he presumes. He has developed feelings for Nimah which is reflected in his behavior. Caleb and Shelby are also getting closer, but that may not be for the long run as in the present scenario, it is seen that they are going to different directions.

“Quantico” episode 6 is more of relationships and less training. More will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Till then, stay tuned as we bring you more spoilers and recaps.