‘Quantico’ Episode 5 Recap: Shelby Is On Alex’s Side

‘Quantico’ Episode 5 Recap: Shelby Is On Alex’s Side
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The episode 5 of “Quantico” has some spicy chemistry between Alex and Ryan once again as the FBI trainees go for their first undercover mission. As the story moves from future to past in quick successions, the viewers will also see Alex putting up her version of the story to the public in order to prove she is innocent.


The episode 5 of “Quantico” shows Alex and Ryan in a hotel room after they shared their life stories. Though the trainees were asked not to get romantically involved with one another, it seems urges take over.

Alex questions Shelby about her involvement in the crime and also tells about the evidence point to her. Shelby refuses to accept and says that the evidence can connect anyone with a military link. It can be anyone from the group. Alex actually asks for Shelby’s help to find out who behind the massive explosion.

The episode titled “Found” also sees Liam stopping Alex from making a public appearance. Is it because he is concerned about her safety or does he want her to remain as a suspect to fetch some benefits? “Quantico” episode 5 has answered questions and raised new ones.

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At the end of the episode 5 of “Quantico,” Shelby seems to have trusted Alex. If you sum up who is on Alex’s side and who is not, there will still be doubts. Ryan, Caleb, and Shelby seem to be with her, but is it just a matter of time to reveal if they are actually against her or not?