Quanta Computer To Manufacture Apple Watch Starting January, 2015?

Quanta Computer To Manufacture Apple Watch Starting January, 2015?
Photo: Apple.com
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Quanta Computer To Manufacture Apple Watch 300x164 Quanta Computer To Manufacture Apple Watch Starting January, 2015?
Photo: Apple.com

When Apple announced the its first-ever wearable, the Apple Watch, last September 9, together with its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, only a handful of stories where written about the firm’s newest member. But today, there are rumors spreading that production of Apple’s wrist candy will start by January, 2015 and will be handled by a single manufacturing company, Quanta Computer.


As if to confirm this rumor, Quanta is said to be doing mass hiring of new assembly line employees and the head count may reach a staggering 40,000 new workers for the company.  It is also rumored that the deal prevents Quanta from hooking up with other companies who are also in the business of manufacturing other wearable devices though some, like FoxConn and Inventec, would try to get some of the action if not by whole devices, then by supplying the parts to the sole manufacturer Quanta. The deal is also rumored to prohibit Quanta Computer from making other similar devices for other companies.

During the Cupertino firm’s September event, Apple showed a glimpse of how the Apple Watch would function but deliberately kept everything to a minimum. The Apple Watch would come in two case sizes, one for men (42 millimeters) and another one for women (38 millimeters). The wearable will also be released with three distinct audiences in mind: the traditional ones, the sports enthusiasts and the luxury class. To further personalize the device, Apple has a myriad of easily swappable bands to suite the user’s fancy.  The Apple Watch will have a built-in heart rate sensor to connect to other iDevices with the Health kit app installed and it can also be used as a payment portal as it will have support for Apple Pay e-wallet service.  Apple admitted that the device will need daily charging but has made this chore easy by using a MagSafe-like induction charger that simply attaches itself magnetically to the backside of the device. Apple also announced that its new baby will be available by early 2015 and prices will start at $350.

Though Apple has been keeping a tight lid on what other features the Apple Watch will have, the firm prominently showcased the device’s AMOLED screen and besides the touch sensitive display, users can also use the physical turn dial located on the side of the device which handles zooming in and out the display, among others.

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The final quarter of the year is already here and it’s only a matter of a few more months before Apple makes its smart wrist accessory available to the masses. Can Quanta Computer cope with Apple’s maddening demand when the time comes?