Pulse Night Club 911 Calls Compilation: Listen To Heartbreaking Stories During Shooting

Pulse Night Club 911 Calls Compilation: Listen To Heartbreaking Stories During Shooting
Vigil of solidarity in the wake of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting Fibonacci Blue / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The tragic shooting at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida on June 12 will go down in history as one of the worst mass shootings in the U.S.


Gunman Omar Mateen found himself in a long standoff with the police for three hours. During that time, 911 received a lot of calls from victims and loved ones desperately in need of help. Today, audio records from these 911 calls reveal the horror the victims experienced during that harrowing day.

Even from a distance, gunshots from the night club could be heard. One man called 911 and said, “I’m calling because I keep hearing what sounds like gunshots in my neighborhood.”

The operator replied, “There are deputies on scene.”

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When the caller pressed if those were really gunshots, the operator said they are unable to determine that.

Meanwhile, another man at the scene of the shooting called 911 to report that there were gunshots in the area. When the operator tried to transfer his call to the Orlando Police Department, however, the operator kept getting a busy signal. After several attempts, she asked the caller, “What’s going on there?”

The caller answered, “I ran to my car so I’m pretty much on the side, there’s a whole bunch of cops right now.”

The operator asked how many shots he heard.

“More than 10 for sure…as soon as we heard that we ran,” he answered.

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One heartbreaking call came a from a man who told the operator that his son was inside Pulse Night Club during the shooting. Over the phone, the man cried, “He’s still in the bathroom and he’s bleeding. He got shot. Nobody’s coming in for him. He’s in the Pulse, in the bathroom.”

The operator assured him that there was help at the scene, and she tried to determine which bathroom his son was hiding in.

Another call was also made by a man who said that his girlfriend was also inside the night club. “My girlfriend’s in the bathroom. There are now four dead in the bathroom and two people bleeding out. If someone doesn’t get there soon, they’re gonna die,” the caller said. He was also not pleased that it was fifth call he had made to 911.

There was also a call made by a woman who said that her brother was in the bathroom, and that four people had already died on the scene. She said there were a lot of people already wounded.

The mass shooting at Pulse Night Club killed 49 people and wounded 53 others.

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