Psychic Predictions US Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton Fainting Predicted As Early As August!

Psychic Predictions US Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton Fainting Predicted As Early As August!
Hillary Clinton AIPAC 2016 Waving lorie shaull / Wikimedia Commons cc
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The past few days were not so kind for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her party after news about her deteriorating health took a toll on their campaign.


A few weeks before the issue broke out, Eric Leigh-Pink, an Arizona-based foreteller, has already predicted Clinton’s fall and fainting. Other than that, he also predicted major events that shaped Clinton’s road to the White House lately.

Clinton’s Health Condition

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Clinton’s health has been put into question after she was seen fainting and skipping scheduled appointments on Sunday and Monday, including the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. The hullabaloo could potentially derail Clinton’s dream of presidency. In fact, rumors are circulating that the Democrat party has reportedly called an emergency meeting.

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Going back to Leigh-Pink’s predictions, which he posted on his personal blog on August 23, he predicted that “Hillary will fall, stumble.” This prediction, referring to the former Secretary of State, according to him, was from the spirits who communicate with him.

Predicted to Win as President, But…

On May 6, Leigh-Pink placed some predictions about U.S. politics; although he admitted that politics is a touchy topic, and his predictions on U.S. politics was “their prediction,” referring to the spirits.

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“The spirits” predicted that Clinton would become the duly elected president of the United States. But “during her path… health takes a toll.” Basing on the recent turn of events that transpired in Clinton’s presidential campaign, one can easily see the chilling resemblance of actual and predicted events.

“There was an implication that they might be talking about her husband, but health issues would become a major issue moving forward. They also talked about the ‘book’ person having a major role with the future president?”

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